As you know, children feel stress from the disruption of routines and schedules. Young children have been particularly affected by the pandemic. Not being able to attend school normally and having their daily activities disrupted has caused some children to regress. 

This means that they may revert to behaviors they have previously outgrown. They may become more clingy, act as if they cannot do for themselves, want to climb into bed with you, have bathroom accidents, tantrums and cry more often. We may feel like we need to correct these undesirable behaviors, but it is essential that we look deeper and understand what the child might really need at this time.

In this guide, you'll learn:

  • How to get your child back on a predictable routine
  • How to use "intentional dialogue" to communicate with your child when they are upset
  • How to better connect with your child if they are regressing

Is your child regressing, having tantrums, or becoming clingy?

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